Mysterious Levoca 2019
Videomapping on Starry Nights

A full-length dance performance / conceptual movement form for four dancers where choreography overlaps with fine art.

The author / director of the project is Tomáš Moravanský, working in the field of intermedia, conceptual and dramatic works. He focuses on audiovisual projects, opera direction, gallery installations, music and choreography. The production line of the project is covered by TRAKT.

The introduction of Interpellation deals with human movement as a daily, work or social programmed form – a register of civil movements that do not fall into dance but can be its starting material. These are activities related to the creation and interpretation of a work of art and leisure activities in which the actor automatically enters ecstatic state and in which the process itself is important. The project adopts a choreography understood as a system of power control over the human body in activities that are understood in society as a manifestation of freedom or individualism.

Release dates will be released in March 2020.

From the public sources, it supported the Arts Support Fund. We thank you.