Park camp 9

Trenčín korzo 2022
Night tour of Strečno Castle 2022
Date: 22/08/2022 - 27/08/2022
Year: 2022
City: Trebisov
Tags: art and technology , art intervention , camp , castle , city park , concert , contemporary art , field research , fine arts , installation art , intermedia art , light art , new media , open air , performance , projection , projection mapping , public space , students , visual arts , workshop coworking
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Lukáš Matejka
Slovak Arts Council
Alžbeta Bobulová
Slovenská organizácia umenia a kultúry
o. z.
Mesto Trebišov
Múzeum a Kultúrne centrum južného Zemplína
Peter Valiska-Timečko
Miroslav Nicz
Martin Marko
Marek Halász
Juliana Mrvová
Kristína Kerekešová
Adela Bradlerová
Tomáš Dunaj
Miloš Mozdík
Marion Chrtová
Andrea Laková
Šimon Kern
Desislava Hristo-Tosheva

The international project Park CAMP 9 creates space and suitable conditions for students, recent graduates and teachers of art colleges in Slovakia and abroad to improve and progress in the field of contemporary art – intermedia and interdisciplinary overlaps in the form of educational activities – workshops. The final output of the wokshops are visual works – interventions created for the specific environment of the city park in Trebišov (site-specific art) and the final exhibition focused this year on interactive art forms, in the environment of the park, where the participants work with the strategies of site-specific art, performance, public art, conceptual art and art of new media – technology.

The exhibition featured Lukáš Matejka / TRAKT (tech. collaboration Alžbeta Bobulová), with the work Home X. Home – Time – Humanity – Technology – Space. Using digital video mapping, the author contrasts the dwelling of the past (the ruins of Parič Castle) and the possible home of the future (the universe).

During the theoretical phase of the workshop, the participants improved their technical, technological and software skills while learning about current trends in the art field. During the practical phase, in cooperation with expert lecturers, they used the acquired experience directly in the field of the park. The educational laboratory provided direct experience with the realization of the work and confrontation with the viewer, where the participants gained new creative impulses, experience and knowledge in the field of contemporary visual art. The event included an accompanying activity GEO-Caching, an interactive game based on GPS coordinates designed for parents with children.


18:00 Opening of the accompanying exhibition.

19:00 Opening of the exhibition PARK CAMP 9 and guided tour of the park with curator Miroslav Nicza

21:00 MAPPING to Parič Castle: Lukáš Matejka and TRAKT o.z.

22:00 Musical solitaire – Raptor Koch – Koniareň

23:30 End of the event and de-installation of works in the exterior of the park