Introducing of the “Tourist Diary”

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The castle of Trenčín became the place of presentation of “Tourist diary” for children during its open day (14th of April 2014). The event was held under the Chair of TSK Jaroslav Baška.
Except the other visitors, 1385 children of primary schools from all the region. For the first time TSK prepared such a huge event with cooperation of SACR and Europe Direct. There was the theatre Dunajka with two clowns, music group Level Funf from ZUŠ Trenčín and dance group Goonies Girls. At 10:00 Chair Jaroslav Baška together with the authors of “Tourist diary” Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT) and Marek Janičík (TRAKT) introduced this promotion material of region of Trenčín to the students. “I am very pleased, that I can here, among you, baptize the diary with the stickers. You will stick them into the diary during your trips around our region,” said Chairman and put a questions from history to the audience. Right answers were priced. After the ceremony, the students enjoyed together with teachers the guide across the castle. They got new information, bought some small gifts in local craftsmen and so they met with one of the places mentioned in the “Tourist diary” – The Castle of Trenčín.
The new promotional publication, issued by TSK in the beginning of the summer tourist season, will children receive for free. They can find here 28 interesting and important things in the region. Each historical monument or place has in the diary its description together with the place for sticker.  The stickers will be available for free at every place mentioned in the diary, so after the visit children can put this sticker on its own place in the diary. If they fill the right answers into the crosswords at the end of the diary, they can send it to the address of TSK until 1st of December. Winners will be gifted, for example all-day skipass to Fačkovské sedlo, wellness for the whole family in Park hotel Baračka or The Hotel Flora, honor entry for the whole family to Castle of Trenčín, or to the events in Bojnice Castle and many others. The final draw will take place on 8th of December. The first diaries took the children immediately, for the others will TSK distribute them until the Easter holidays.