Light camp

Introducing of the “Tourist Diary”
Discussion Youth Peace Advocacy
Date: 15/07/2014 - 20/07/2014
Year: 2014
City: Trebisov
Tags: art intervention , camp , city park , contemporary art , light art , museum , presentation , public space , workshop coworking
Lukáš Matejka
Pavol Soukal
Štefan Oliš
Michal Murin
Boris Vaitovič
Stanislav Piatrik
Juraj Sasák
Peter Valiska-Timečko
Branislav Zurko
Peter Kalmus
Tomáš Žižka
Peter Králik
Veronika Uramová
Matúš Astrab
Martin Hreha

On the July 15th – 20th there was the first year of Light camp in Trebišov. It is an art symposium focused at lighting and intermedia art in public space of city park in Trebišov. It took place at Koniareň, which is contemporary art place. Cultural center was connected with nature of Trebišov´s park. Through the form of social interventions the participants could use the art of light, new medias and intermedia, site-specific strategies, soundart etc.
The aim of project (prepared by Branislav Zurko and Peter Valiska-Timečko, OZ KONTEXT) was to create works, which directly react to local specific park (it is the largest park in central Europe) or to relationship urban vs. natural environment. The lecturers were Michal Murin (FVU AU Banská Bystrica and FU TU Košice), Tomáš Žižka (MAMAPAPA and DAMU Praha) and Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT Trenčín and FVU AU Banská Bystrica).
The ambition of the project is cultural vitalization of park and areal of Museum and cultural center of South Zemplín. The output of the workshop will be presented in Koniareň´s gallery, city park and his peripheries, where the accompanying activities took place. Slovak renowned authors will also join the event, so the graduates of Academyof Art Banská Bystrica and Faculty of Technology in Košice ( Ing. doc. Michal Murin artD., Boris Vaitovič, ArtD., Lukáš Matejka, Stanislav Piatrik, Juraj Sasák, Peter Valiska-Timečko artD. a Mgr. Branislav Zurko, špeciálny hostia : Peter Kalmus, Tomáš Žižka a Peter Králik a ďalší autori : Mgr art. Štefan Oliš, Veronika Uramová, Matúš Astráb, Martin Hreha, Lenka Kurimská a and more).