About us

TRAKT is a citizens’ association founded in 2009. We are active in the sphere of culture, art of new media, interactivity and art in public and gallery space. TRAKT is not tied to one concrete space and works as a touring company in various regions and countries. Since its establishment, it has fulfilled its major aims, which had been set in its statutes and include developing and supporting of culture and contemporary art and their spreading towards laymen as well as professionals. TRAKT regularly participates in local as well as in international projects and cooperation. 

TRAKT has been supported by many fans and supporters throughout its existence. Moreover, it has attracted many volunteers, who currently help to fulfil its individual aims connected with publishing (Videoart match), lecturing and cooperation on workshops, focused on contemporary visual art and work with students of art universities as well as with the youth, together with organizing exhibitions, festivals and expositions. 

The most important projects include 5 successful years of the festival The Festival of Light and Shadow in the city of Banská Bystrica and Trnava, which was visited almost by 50.000 people. The project The Last Anniversary is another impressive international project, which led to a multigenre opera in South Africa. The project Suomi100 (implemented at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Finnish independence with the first night taking place in Helsinki and national TV), and the artistic activities within the National Day of Saudi Arabia on The Festival of Light and Shadow, are also highly important. Except all these, TRAKT has participated in many local and community activities as well as dance-multimedia projects – Mimo, Pure, As it is, or Dust, which took place in Mexico City. Up to these days, we have implemented 270 projects in 83 cities. All the projects are documented on the website https://trakt.sk/en/projects/