At present, TRAKT is actively involved in the preparation of many interesting cultural and artistic events. In Slovakia and abroad, we are moving creativity further. We let you engage in a pleasant creative atmosphere and energy that we present regularly to domestic and international audiences in the form of various fuses from the creative industry. We live with creativity in the festival platforms. Our “fetishists” are now three of them. In September, you have the opportunity to taste the atmosphere of contemporary light art. Where? At the Multimedia Light and Shadow Festival in the historical center of Banská Bystrica. What about the summer? During the summer hot days of June, enjoy the multi-genre Children’s Festival in Trencin. For soundart artists and for those who care for the innovative and experimental positions of sound and music, we realize the Extrakt festival.


If you have time to cooperate in organizing festivals and want to improve or want to learn something new. Contact us by phone or email.