Koniareň is an alternative space to support the creation and presentation of contemporary art and culture. Koniareň is located in eastern Slovakia in Trebišove, Koniareň working with OZ context. Oz context is an association of people who are not status and the nature of the environment that surrounds us indifferent. Civil society is with us still in its infancy. That is why we want to bring the citizens of attractive projects that increase people’s interest in public space and the events in it. We want to encourage people’s interest in public affairs and thus to raise civil awareness. Democracy gives us a unique place to have affected both our environment looks like and how it works, but also gives us the same level of responsibility. Only active citizens is a guarantee of a healthy democratic society. The mere possibility does not mean its fulfillment. Educating people to civic responsibility is an important element of transformation to a fully fledged democracy. Our projects therefore encourage the active participation of people in social and cultural life. We believe that engaged art and culture that reflects the problems and ills of our society, we can facilitate positive changes.