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Light camp
Crisis, mind mapping

During the 2 months (March, April) TRAKT member Michaela Bottková took part at the online training Storytelling for peace. Together with another 25 participants and 20 associations they were trained in many specific exercises and tasks, which should prepare them for their workshop. The workshop then took place on the 27.4. – 3.5. 2014. The ambassadors of the EU countries and The Middle East were together looking for the possibilities, how to help people open their eyes blind from the war and senseless conflicts. The help was in the form of the creative process of storytelling. The training was focused on audio-visual creation, creative writing and improvised theater. Every member passed during the week of intensive training through the 3 steps – narrator, story and viewer. TRAKT thus joined the Peace Ambassadors 2014 and together continue in developing and improving of this peace platform.

Michaela Bottková prepared during the stay in Haag (Netherland) short videoart. More about the project you will find in this link.