A film evening with Marek Janičík

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The 18th Pecha Kucha Night Trnava
Date: 13/03/2016 - 13/03/2016
Year: 2016
City: Trencin
Tags: cinema , discussion , documentary , presentation , projection
Marek Janičík
Trenčianske osvetové stredisko
Artkino Metro

Audiences of Artkino Metro in Trenčín could see three films of young documentary filmmaker Marek Janičík (TRAKT) on 13 March 2016. He comes from Považská Bystrica, currently living in
Nová Dubnica. Marek Janičík presented two of his student films and a recent film portrait of an Olympic medal winner Janko Zachar. Janičík’s films Sisyphus and Cinema World were awarded at several Slovak and foreign film festivals. He is currently working as a documentary filmmaker for Czech television and preparing a project for RTVS, which will be broadcast at the end of 2016.

The student film evening is part of a project introducing young filmmakers. The project is organised by Cultural Centre in Trenčin in collaboration with Artkino Metro Trenčín and Academy of Arts of
Banská Bystrica.