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Young art show 8

Innovative project for the public space digital graffiti (Watch report TV Markíza), the intermedia artists Pavol Soukal, Štefan Oliš and Lukas Matejka decided to implement based on the need to bring the trends of contemporary art among the general public and particularly young people in Trencin. We are responding to the UNO declaration of 2015 as the International Year of Light. Civic Association braces, which are also members of the artists, is one of the main priorities of the development of culture, contemporary art with an emphasis on digital media. Civic assotiation TRAKT linking the local context of Trencin to the national and international context. Important role in this process plays participation of young people and students, who are directly involved in the formulation of projects and the design and implementation of course. To contribute actively to young people and students in the creation of creative activities and gain valuable experience and know – how.

Likewise in this project, where for the first time a young student coming from Trenčín Pavol Soukal (TRAKT) is the main organizer and creator of the project. The project is a digital graffiti that the young generation of playful and interactive unconventional art form she recognized and accepted by them as an alternative to pop culture and consumerism leisure. We feel a strong need to implement projects related to digital media and interaction with light. We want to build on the current trends in contemporary art in Trenčín, where culture is relatively underdeveloped and based mainly on traditional forms (which are unfortunately often youth in unattractive). Traditional culture undoubtedly belongs to the city, but delivered all ages and audiences. Graffiti are part of the urban sub-culture for many years. For this reason, the idea came to realize graffiti in digital-light form. This leaves open the theater production without damaging foreign property or complex bureaucratic permission.

Design sprays produced through 3D printing, instead of the dye have a small LED indicator. They are monitored unobtrusive camera system that allows interactively create precise light color image. That is projected on the facade of the building. The viewer becomes the artist – creative creator when draws, paints, spray on the building. Graffiti inherent coloring of the urban environment, whether in a positive or negative form. Digital graffiti pushes this art in light processual form. This method allows creating unprecedented large-scale paintings, even in places where it has not even the most experienced “writer”. The project is for youth the opportunity to paint on buildings and monuments with impunity and thereby create works of art in public space. Also opens the discussion on new technologies, the gaming industry as well as issues of contemporary art. The authors have left nothing to chance and approached and professional “graffiti” artists who deal with the topic of graffiti continuously. In particular, Rastislav Nomad Jakúbek, who is a legend in Slovakia in this field.

The project aims to mobilize cultural as well as an interactive link youth and create a sense of ownership. Promotion and unconventional art forms emphasize precisely because of frequent apathy of young people and their disinterest. On the other hand, projects that is close to the young generation, which is daily surrounded by digital media.

Authors: Pavol Soukal, Stefan Oliš and Lukas Matejka
The project covers: Thrace and the Association of creatives
The project is implemented with the financial support of City Trencin.

Implementation: Friday, September 18, 2015 at 20:00 and September 24, 2015 at 20:00
Event Venue: Square of the former pit (exterior front ODA) and boiler building (ul. Staničná) – City Trenčín