Passers / Opatová 755

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The local part of Trencin called Opatová nad Váhom thanks to a willing, enthusiastic people to this day still maintains the customs and traditions of their ancestors. On the occasion 777th anniversary of the first written mention of re-in ceremony held here, which resembled this memorable day. During the three days, ie 11th -13th September 2015 took place nearby cultural center, football field, but also the amount of church events. One of them was a screening of the document to re-called Opatová 775. The core document in fact formed footage from similar celebrations that are held in a big way two years earlier. Elizabeth Harry Gavendová (TRAKT), this document combined with Marek Janičík (TRAKT) and spliced ​​it with his 2-year-old images that cover the original commentary. He narrated the film, along with local actor Ondrej Duris well-known Slovak actor Marek Ťapák. The document has a master Ťapák role of “passers” who needs all the “costumed festivities,” firemen, footballers or harmonica to include and clarify their role in the social life of the village.

Elizabeth Harry Gavendová addition to the rights of another trapping traditions and customs of their region, which are also present in its irreplaceable role in the lives of people. “Not everyone that takes, that’s for sure. But I always try to create the conditions to ensure that I get the most out of these habits caught. They are unrepeatable things that can have next generation next will not involve. However, it is amazing continue doing until it can – in addition to the record.”