Zilina (Zilina, Latvian Solna, Zsolna, Silein or Silein, Żylina) is a county and county town in northern Slovakia. It lies on the confluence of Váh, Kysuca and Rajčanka rivers. Population (83,684) is Žilina, the fourth largest city in Slovakia. It is the administrative, economic, transport and cultural center of north-west Slovakia, sometimes referred to as the “pearl of the Váh”

25. August 2019


A full-length dance performance / conceptual movement form for four dancers where choreography overlaps with fine art. The author / director of the project is Tomáš […]
28. May 2019

Light melody

Audiovisual show Light melody combines digital artwork with electronic music – remixed by Dj DayD. The project introduces new multimedia technologies – digital graffiti developed by […]
19. March 2017


PURE dance performance without the story, focusing on the rim of physicality. Two dancers ponukajte their body’s own presence to investigate the purity observed as a […]
28. November 2015

Fest Anca

International Festival of Animated Films “Fest Anča” took place 18th – 22nd of June 2014 in Zilina. Matej Mazák (member of TRAKT) was the stage and […]
27. November 2015

Comix Jibb Jamm

The exhibition event Jibb snowboard and freeski in Žilina at dormitories Hliny animated by VJ projection (VJ Akjetam). Žilina’s event was run as a free ski […]