7seven touch

Passers / Opatová 755
A film evening with Marek Janičík
Date: 05/05/2011 - 12/06/2011
Year: 2011
City: Nitra
Tags: exhibition , fine arts , gallery , installation art , interactive art , intermedia art , new media , vernissage
Lukáš Matejka
Nitra gallery
Štefan Oliš
Roman Gajdoš
Alena Bušíková
Peter Isteník
Monika Reháková
Helena Veličová
Katarína Vidová

The exhibition project called Seven Touches offers confronting works of young artists whose common denominator is to draw attention to the human senses – their imperfection, frailty, and an attempt to verify their ability to reliably transmit information. The wide range of media (text from conceptual tuned installation audio and video installation) so communication takes place in the underground area, so in comparison to impersonal gallery framework provides a platform cramped and uncertainty stronger tone of the works. On the one hand, questioning calculated to occur logical thinking and handling audience expectations, on the other hand it is a subjectively defined relationship to space, time, or the imitation of the attributes of living biological structure underground.

From the ironic horror found footage, which also expands into the expansive environment, thus drastically mess up the line between film and reality, through the intervention facing an entry chamber and the presence of a person in an unfamiliar environment, to the deceptively guided by assumptions and stereotypes of perception, parasitizing the viewer doubt extends line between the individual works. This nexus is a form of navigation, topographic map of sensory perception, which is the essence of an opinion to learn understanding the relationships, an attempt to define a new orientation and sensory examination of the limits of reality. Seven Touches reviews the viewers’ expectations and pushes them to be a line beyond which to see is not to believe.
Authors: Alena Bušíková, Peter Isteník, Lukas Matejka, Stephen Olis, Monika Reháková, Helena Veličová, Catherine Vidová
Curators: Catherine Vidová and Roman Gajdoš

Venue: NG Bunker
Opening: 5.5. 2011 at 17:00
Duration of the exhibition: 12.6. 2011

The exhibition is held under the project gallery young curators.