Workshop Activity digital

H&M Residence Wroclaw
Young art show 6

Academy of Arts again after the year opened up the festival Artorium 2013.  Festival of Universities traditionally took place in Banska Bystrica, among theatre performances were also framed several workshops for the students. TRAKT prepared for the festival Workshop of digital arts titled “Activity digitality”. Workshop in its conception followed up previous workshops – Activity Interactivity (2011) and Activity visuality (2012). Lector of the workshop Pavol Soukal from VŠVU Bratislava and the guarantor Lukas Matejka from FVU Academy of Arts in Banska Bystrica.

Participants of the workshop, students of Faculty Intermedia and digital media Zoltán Bíro, Lucia Devecká, Zuzana Ďuricová, Simona Halečková, Marek Rečlo and Marek Salata  have learned the basics of working with the software VVVV and after they implemented skills in practice for  their “work in progress”  authors projects.