Multifestival 2018: Move of the skeleton

Art in park – pixelation workshop
Night tours of Strečno Castle 2018
Date: 26/06/2018 - 26/06/2018
Year: 2018
City: Trencin
Tags: children , cinema , contemporary dance , education , festivals , movie projection , workshop coworking , youth
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Lukáš Matejka
Štefan Oliš
City Trenčín
Slovak Arts Council
KC Aktivity
Veronika Miščíková
matej Mazák
Martina Vargová
Trenčianska nadácia
Adam Daniš
Mário Juck
LT – Len tanec
Folklórny súbor Trenčan
MS Dance
Renata Iršová
Simona Lengvarská
Ivana Juríčková
Tereza Repková
Boris Mozola
Kristína Mošková

With the support of the Arts Support Fund, the City of Trenčín and the Trenčianska Foundation, the third follow-up of the Children’s Festival under the new name Multifestival took place on June 26, 2018. The name of the festival changed based on the feedback we received. We have learned that children of elementary school no longer feel like children, so we have chosen to change the name of the festival in order to maintain the attractiveness and multi-genre.

The theme of the 3 rd year was a dance with the subtitle: Move of the skeleton. The program was played in the interior and exterior of the Hvězda cinema in Trenčín. The first part consisted of a presentation section, where various dance groups appeared, representing a wide range of styles and types of dance. The current dance was represented by experienced performer Martina Vargová from Trnava, Hip hop presented dance group LT – Len dance from Nová Dubnice, folk dance – local Trenčan Folklore ensemble, social dance – MS Dance, and the penetration between dance and martial art represented by the band – Abadá Capoeira. The live performances of the dancers were divided by two blocks of short video cards, animations and movies. The whole program was moderated by young talented moderator Renata Iršová from Trenčín. At the end of the “static” section, the children were divided freely into four groups for hip-hop, contemporary dance, folk dances and an attractive, accompanying program from KC Activities. It has actually come to the movement on one’s own skin and to the basic elements of dance styles, or various movement and dance-related activities. Interestingly, Martinina Varga’s workshop was the most successful of the world from the least known form – contemporary dance.

Among the strengths of the festival, we can certainly advise on the feedback of performers and spectators, an excellent organization, also contributed by five volunteers led by Mgr. art. Štefan Oliš (Simona Lengvarská, Ivana Juríčková, Tereza Repková, Boris Mozola and Kristína Mošková) as well as the traditional part of KC Activities. It can be said that everything was clapping and walking as watches and we are more sorry about the number of participants who moved (in smaller numbers than a year ago) about 400 children. We already know that we have much more programmatic as well as spectator potential. In this respect, we want to develop even more activity, set the right strategy and get stable young participants.

The Idea of ​​the Festival to Mediate and Present to Children and Youth under the Castle of Matúš Čáka The different genres of culture, art and creativity (2016: The Film World, 2017: Open Studio, 2018: Skeleton of the Skeleton) is conceptually fulfilled. We are glad that we have spent the organizational part. Thus, the Multifestival continues its full-fledged trend and continues to develop its tradition. More info on the web link