Night tours of Strečno Castle 2018

Multifestival 2018: Move of the skeleton
Element digital graffiti
Date: 21/07/2018 - 25/08/2018
Year: 2018
City: Strecno
Tags: animation , castle , open air , projection mapping
Lukáš Matejka
Považské múzeum v Žiline
Laco Sekerka

The magnificent sightseeing of Strečno Castle in a night-time atmosphere with an extraordinary program in the castle’s monsters. The personality of this year’s night tour was one of the owners of Strečno Castle, Barbora Celjska. Her life in short humorous scenes was approached by the Wagus Historical Fencing Group and revived in the courtyard of the castle in the Light Shadow Queen Barbora thanks to the modern technology of light and motion – projection mapping from the artists of TRAKT. Part of the tour was also a fire show, performance of Kapor improvisation theater on the stage, or mini-concert in the chapel.