Young art show 8

Digital graffiti
TEDx Trenčín – in Wonderland

Young art show is an exhibition of 68 young artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia, France, Spain, Scotland, Morocco, India, Central African Republic and Mexico. The grand opening of the exhibition took place on Friday 2 10 2015 at 19:00 in the Great Hall of the House of Arts Piestany. The event was moderated by Diana Hager and organizer Martin Ševčovič. At a fashion show during the opening showcase their collection of fashion designers Andrea Pojezdalová, Veronika Kostková, Pršová Petra, Petra Kovácsová, Boris Kráľ and Calina Negrut. The program has been enhanced with the opening of resignation pianist Jan Rau and rapper Vladis. Digital and video projections realized TRAKT composed Lukas Matejka, Denis Matus and Stefan Oliš.

The project is aimed mainly at students and graduates of domestic and foreign art universities. It offers the audience an insight into the components of the current Slovak and foreign visual events. The first objective YOUNG ART SHOW is to help young authors to present their work. Create awareness of his person and work. The exhibition is a way for young artists to reach their audience, to communicate with him. This is an opportunity to go on the stage and played his performance. The second objective YOUNG ART SHOW is The educational activities. Attract interest audiences in visual arts, formed by the residents and visitors of Piestany. The greatest effort of the exhibition is to get a young audience, acquainted him with the current artistic events and thinking. To arouse greater interest in events in Slovakia as well as foreign art scene.