storytelling activity

It’s a way of transmitting a message in an entertaining and memorable manner. Stories allow us to capture our listeners’ attention, but they also make it more likely that they will remember what we are telling them. The world of Communications has changed. People are facing an increasing shortage of time and an increasing range of choices. Technology has enabled us to control what we see, hear and do more than ever before. Today people won´t spend time with messages that interrupt. Instead they spend time with ideas that engage. We believe that today Storytelling is both a powerful and necessary way of communicating.  Stories are illustrative, easily memorable, and allow any firm to create stronger emotional bonds with the customers.

19. April 2021

Re:index intermedia

Re:index is an intermedia project at the crossroads between sound and object installations linked with contemporary dance, fine arts, intervention into the public space and institutional […]
28. November 2015

Discussion Youth Peace Advocacy

During the 2 months (March, April) TRAKT member Michaela Bottková took part at the online training Storytelling for peace. Together with another 25 participants and 20 […]