Trenčín korzo 2022

Nocturno 2022
Park camp 9
Date: 25/06/2022 - 25/06/2022
Year: 2022
City: Trencin
Tags: children , interactive art , public space , sound art
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Štefan Oliš
Trenčín na korze

On Saturday 25.6.2022, the bustle of the city market will be carried along the 1st May Street in Trencin. The one-day market of local vendors and regional artists will bring an exceptional atmosphere to the heart of Trenčín.

In addition to the stalls in which the vendors will offer their products, in front of the Gymnasium Ľ. Štúr, there will be theatres, playrooms for children, discussions for adults, various concerts, workshops and interactive art installations. One of them is the interactive work HAPPY AUDIO from the workshop of TRAKT.

The aim of the project is to enliven a public space other than the traditional Peace Square and to promote cultural and social events in the city.