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The Festival of Light and Shadow 2019 in Trnava
Young filmmakers visited Trenčín

Did you hear from the elders about the amazing atmosphere of keying in 89’s? Or have you been yanking yourself? In the work of Pavel Soukal and Lukáš Matejka, you can take out the keys again and experience some of these extraordinary events. But you can’t do it alone, you’ll have to connect with other people. Exactly as in November 89. Your joint rumble will begin an interactive visual demolition of the wall projected in your city. The reward for visual demolition efforts will be to reveal unique photographs from the Velvet Revolution. Who knows, maybe you meet your parents there, or yourself thirty years ago.

The civic association TRAKT together with the Férová O2 Foundation and the Trnava Self-Governing Region prepared an audiovisual installation that will travel together with the exhibition to mark the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. Overall, the exhibition will be in seven cities within Trnava region.

Authors: Mgr.art. Pavol Soukal art. Lukáš Matejka
Producer: Patrik Kubizna
The work was created with the support of the Férová O2 Foundation and the Trnava Self-Governing Region.

How do the authors perceive November 89?

As creative artists and contemporary artists, we perceive the events of November 89 as a fusion of an active society that wanted to make a difference for all of us. This change was only possible because we, as a company, were able to connect, we were a collective hero who could not be broken on our way to freedom. Today, our society is polarized by various themes – groups – communities that often divide us out of mind. We want to show our interactive work how active and connecting people are today.

Place and dates of implementation:

  • Sereď, at the Town Hall – 6. 11. 2019
  • Senica – 8. 11. 2019
  • Galanta, at the Municipal Office – November 15, 2019
  • Trnava, Courtyard – 17. 11. 2019
  • Piešťany – 18 November 2019
  • Skalica – Nov 19, 2019
  • Hlohovec, Cinema Smile – 20. 11. 2019

Symbolism in the work:

  • Demolishing a wall that reveals photos. – The symbol of an imaginary wall that surrounded our country and prevented us from seeing the truth, not only here but also abroad. The falling wall symbolizes the fall mode.
  • The revelation of the period photography symbolizes the revelation of truth, hope, freedom, human authenticity.
  • Each viewer can only tear down part of the wall, but only together they collapse the whole wall. A symbol of social change and the importance of joining for the benefit of all of us. Although I can change a small part myself, I need active people around me to change the whole.
  • The keys trigger the wall to fall. The keyhole has become a symbol of the Velvet Revolution, this link will allow us to illustrate the atmosphere of the moments displayed in the photographs.
  • “Freedom is not self-evident” – the motto complementing this work shows that the struggle for freedom never ends and never ends. Only by our activity and interest in public affairs will we guard our freedom.