Art Eco – Creative recycling
The level of movement

The artistic intervention, or double-installation in Banská Bystrica and Zvolen, will interconnect via webcam to streaming video image in real time, which will be broadcast on television screens in both towns. For a moment these two towns, not so far from each other, will be connected. The installation is in the form of trail created from natural materials, where it is placed TV with a webcam at the end of trail there is direct transfer from the other town. When passers-by are passing through the installation, they can see how the participants in the other town are walking against them on the same sidewalk, but on the other square, just a few kilometers from there. The installation will consist of natural materials (grass , moss, small stones ,sand ,straw,…), on which people could walk and feel the touch of nature barefoot, where they would never expected – right on their main squares. 
At present, people are less connected to nature and spend most of their days in cities, flats etc. At least we want to transfer a piece of nature into the urban environment for a moment and by this unusual art project interrupt stereotype of everyone. We want challenge people, at least for a moment, to think about the necessity and irreplaceability of nature that we every day harm and ravage ourselves. The second important aim of the project is to bring contemporary fine art in public space, outside the gallery directly to the public. The installation in a public space, in the concrete on the squares, will be available to all passers-by for one whole day. A particularly important aspect of the project is the availability of all ages categories without limitation.
Concept and realization of the project: Lukáš Matejka, Miroslava Majorošová, Aneta Kolesárová and Boris Vitázek.