The level of movement

Datatok – Divadelna Nitra
Date: 10/09/2010 - 23/09/2010
Year: 2010
City: Piestany
Tags: contemporary art , contemporary dance , exhibition , festivals , vernissage , video art
International Film Festival Cinematik
Lukáš Matejka
Private: Michaela Bottková
Štefan Oliš
Roman Gajdoš
Cyril Blazo
Peter Isteník
Adriana Janechová
Mário Kastelovič
Lenka Klimešová
Mirka Majorošová
Róbert Sender
Katarína Smiková
Marek Stolarčík
Vojtech Vanek
Stanislav Veselovský
Katarína Vidová

The exhibition project titled as The Level of Movement is a fluent continuation of the cycle of exhibitions presenting young artists under the auspices of the International Film Festival Cinematik. There will be feature artists whose artistic creation is situated mostly in media video art in the foyer of The House of Arts in Piešťany. Besides formal connections we note in this fine art sample some movements that are linked to the institutional background of any exhibition space. On the one hand, the Level of Movement presents particular space “into” some kind of semi permeable boundaries of gallery, where is the specific project taking place. On the other hand, this project metaphorically reflects the position of individual artists, opens the topic of their emplacement or the possibility of emplacement in the visual art context. The artists from several areas (Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Brno, Košice, Prague) meet in this positioning and present their own opinions and practices that reflect the subject. There are conceptual approaches confronting on one level, representing purity thoughts, pirate interventions are documented as an attempt for a new type of communication, to personal mythologies, directed to the visual angle of intimate relationships. The dominance of the video – whether in its documentary, recording position or in a position of the creation of “new reality” is completed by thinking about the object, which is linked to broader socio-cultural reflection of the space. The Level of Movement is an instant preview, synthesizing market of opportunities, and the abandonment of individual overlapping ideological practices in various forms, which more than making itself refers to a culture of use.
Curator: Roman Gajdoš
Presenting authors: Cyril Blazo, Michael Bottková, Peter Isteník, Adriana Janechová, Mário Kastelovič, Lenka Klimešová, Mirka Majorošová, Lukáš Matejka, Štefan Oliš, Róbert Sender, Katarína Smiková, Marek Stolarčík, Vojtech Vanek, Stanislav Veselovský, Katarína Vidová