Park camp 5

Element digital graffiti
Holography on Starry Nights
Date: 18/08/2018 - 18/08/2018
Year: 2018
City: Trebisov
Tags: art intervention , camp , city park , contemporary art , intermedia art , light art , museum , open air , projection mapping
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Lukáš Matejka
Slovak Arts Council
Mesto Trebišov
Peter Valiska-Timečko
Boris Vaitovič
Matej Mazák
Dominika Kolačkovská
Veronika Šmírová
Richard Kitta
Martin Kudla
Adam Slezák

The fifth year of the summer visual symposium PARK CAMP 2018 focuses on contemporary visual art in the public space of Trebišov City Park. The theme of the year was video mapping & sound art. The aim of the event was to create visual interventions that would respond directly to the specific area of ​​Trebišov (site-specific art). In the park there is the Julius Andrássy Mauzolaum, a manor house with a French garden, fountains, a convent, ruins of Parič Castle, an amphitheater, a pond with an island, and many other places and selected locations for the realization of intermediary installations that can invite artists to revive their creativity and creativity. The park was one of the largest and most beautiful forest parks in Central Europe during the period between Austria and Hungary, which is why the organizer has the ambition to develop and organize cultural activities beyond the interior of the Koniareň gallery.

During the event, the audience could see the hypnotic audiovisual show on the historical façade of the baroque-classicist manor house or the planned animation for the castle of Parič. On the island of the park, a sound and light installation started, which responds to the socio-political situation in Slovakia. Part of the event was also an intermediate exhibition in a former gym in the park, which became a temporary gallery. Visitors could look at the works of contemporary young artists in it. The headliners of this year’s CAMP Park Symposium are renowned Slovak artists: Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT) and Boris Vaitovič.

This year’s event was also enriched with the partner Bread and wine event in the manor house, organized by the Museum and Cultural Center of South Zemplín. In addition to artistic activities, visitors also enjoyed accompanying activities such as refreshment stalls, evening picnics in nature, film projection under the night sky and a wide public competition – Geocaching. The purpose of the contest is to search for a “treasure” according to GPS coordinates. On Saturday night, August 18, after the city park in Trebišov, the town park “revived” and offered to the general public visual interventions prepared for this event by young artists.

Workshop lecturer and organizer: Peter Valiska-Timečko
Authors in EXTERIORS: L. Matejka, B. Vaitovič, M. Mazák, D. Kolackovska, V. Šmírová
Authors in INTERIORS:
R. Kitta, M. Kudla, M. Kolčák, A. Slezák