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The exhibition DIGITAL MEDIA presents the works of students of Intermedia´s athelier, which is leaded by doc. Miroslav Nicz, academical painter, and works of Digital media´s athelier, which is leaded by MgA.Michal Murin, ArtD. Pedagogues are also co-curators of the exhibition together with PhDr. Katarina Rusnkaova, PhD., head of catedra Theory and History of Fine Art at Faculty of Fine Arts (FVU) of Academy of Arts Banska Bystrica. The exhibition provides the space also for students of Department of Fine Arts and Intermedias,  Faculty of Arts (FU) of Technical University Kosice, who were invited as guests. In sellection of MgA. Michal Murina, ArtD. They present themselves by projection of short videos and interactive videoinstalations, which were created in New media´s athelier under the leading guest prof.Anna Tretterova. All three atheliers acting aside the capitol city are introduced to audience of Bratislava through great conceived exhibition, which is one of the biggest exhibitions of new technologies in Slovakia since 1993 thanks to its wide range.

The artworks are presented in 14 bunk and significant part of them is made by medial instalations, which use interactivitiy od audience, too. Preparated collection consists of 4 projections of short videos from videoart through vedeoperformance to experimental film, which consists almost 80 student´s works. At the exhibition is possible to see the works based on videogames, as the works, whiche´e base are knowledges of programming in language of pure data and processing. Project of art for the www net is presented also by artificial computer vire designed to propagation of works of students from Banska Bystrica. This project affected dozen of states and thousands of computers. Attractive experience for the audience may be also “machinina”, which is derived format from computer games. I tis special kind of animation, based on game´s engines of computer game. Interesting is also the conception of as called exhibition in exhibition – the goal is to watch student´s works in virtual 3D museum.

Students, in their works characterized by diversity of artistical practics, forms and themes, are interested in many actual problems of nowadays life. On the one hand, they expres the opinions to themes connected with subjectivity, intimity, carnality, reflection about gender questions and interpersonal relationships in their “micro worlds”, on the other hand they probed with their testimonials various socio-culture situations, but they avoid neither culural, social and political criticism. This adepts of art refer also about historical and cultural memory and their attention is focused on carefull mapping of social face of everyday life in context of globalized world. Another sphere of their interes is area of visual culture, mainly the critic and ironization of masmedial manipulations, or creative usage of film work in the form of found footage videos. The base of many contribution is artistic intervention into public real, but also virtual space.

The common denominator of most of student´s works is not only concerned affort of this authors to express interesting messages in inventional visual language, but also their natural attempt to look for their place and spaces in the sense of self-realization in art and life.

Project author: Michal Murin
Curators of exhibition: Michal Murin, Miroslav Nicz, Katarína Rusnáková
Curators of projection Videoexperiment FVU: Ján Adamove
Curators of projection Videoart FVU: Michal Murin, Miroslav Nicz, Katarína Rusnáková
Curators of projection Videoart FU: Michal Murin, Boris Vaitovič
Asistent of exhibition: Lukáš Matejka