Workshop W3

Digital media

Warhol, Workshop, War – these are the three pillars on which the workshop W3 is builted. Andy Warhol as a symbol and cooperation with the Andy Warhol ‘s Museum of Contemporary Art in Medzilaborce . The second cooperating institution is Gallery XXX – Miková 66. War represents video theme of the workshop, which participants can participate. 
The topic of the war is associated with the 4th Festival of The Art Therapy. The outputs of the workshop will be presented in the form of video as well there. The organizers want to refer about countries, whose inhabitants are surviving, or have survived the threat caused by military – civil – political conflict and they want to talk about the necessity of recording these themes in art. With the theme of war they can also be accompanied some other connectivities, regarding totalitarianism, the ´89 etc. The other thematic option of this workshop is an art in public space, which is also the main theme of W3. This area of workshop is about working outside the gallery and overcoming specific barriers, it is also a great freedom and it is definitely an interesting experience. There are no limits in the art and so, if the participant selects neither the video production about the war theme, nor the creating in a public space, it offers to them a wide range of options and themes: the interpretation, the appropriation, the intervention, the citation, the readymade, the  installation, the object, the video art, the experimental film, the photo-action, the video-action, the video installation, the land art, the sound art, the street art, the animation, the intermedia, the multiculturalism, the communities, the gender art, the social art…
The aim of the workshop (Oct. 22 – 25, 2009) is to expand the horizon of participants, to show the possibilities of cooperative activities and to regulate the implementing the ideas. It is important, that there is an opportunity to test some techniques and methodes of implementing, which aren’t explored by participants. The creative inspiration should be the presentations of workshops W2 Medzilaborce 2006, Stranger Žilina 2009, and others … The evening projection of DVD Video Art Project Match 1 + 2 + 3 has the motivating and relaxing nature as well. 
Workshop is organized by Lukáš Matejka and Marián Kastelovič, both students of the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. 
Guarantees of the project: Doc. Miroslav Nicz Acad.paint. and MgA. Michal Murin, ArtD.
Organizers W3: Platform Digi VAF (ex) & FFA Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica & Civil Association TRAKT