The Night of Museums and Galleries 2023

9th International Roma Day
Executioner Matej

The Night of Museums and Galleries is a pan-European event held under the patronage of the Council of Europe with the aim of presenting cultural heritage and the importance of its preservation and protection in cultural exchange, dissemination of information about the cultural diversity of individual countries and regions of Europe, informal education and recreation.

The activities of museums during the Night of Museums and Galleries are oriented towards activities that remain hidden from the public throughout the year. At that time, museums open their “hidden” chambers to the public and reveal secrets hidden from public view. In this way, the public can penetrate the secrets of the ‘museum kitchen’. ‘Unlocking the secrets’ also helps the public, through the knowledge and information thus gained, to better understand the importance of museums in preserving part of the cultural and natural heritage preserved in museums.

As part of the Night of Museums and Galleries event in Trencin, TRAKT will present a pair of art projects in the Atrium under the Tower and in the City Tower on 13 May.

9.00 – 23.00 LIGHT HARF | Interactive game full of light beams. Become a player and try what it is like to play on the lights.
With your movements and touches you create beautiful light curtains and melodies. This game immerses you in a world of light and music.

21.00 – 23.00 LIGHT GRAFFITI | Do you want to become part of street art and leave your digital legacy? Put your light graffiti on the façade of the Atrium. Just press the spray nozzle and you can start creating huge works of art. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about damaging the history of the façade because it’s a digital projection.