Dolna Krupa

Dolna Krupa lies 10 km from the regional town of Trnava and from the capital of the Slovak Republic Bratislava does not take the motorway journey for more than an hour. Currently, it belongs to the largest villages of the Trnava region.

Local history is inextricably linked with two exceptional traditions that make our village name far beyond the borders of the region of Trnava and Slovakia. They are Beethoven’s and Ruizian tradition, so we will talk about Dolna Krupa as a village of music and roses. You can also learn more of our 7 wonders.

21. November 2023

Lestival 2023

Lestival is a magnificent look into the most beautiful realm. A fantasy realm where cotton candy is made out of clouds, dragons have musical taste, Lactibrada […]
20. May 2019


The most beautiful fantasy festival in Slovakia – the Lestival. On the motif of the Mr. Dobšinský Fairy Tale already on 18 May 2019 in the […]