Night night’10

Digital media
On the border

All art lovers could enjoy the multimedia art show called “Night night’10 “ if they came to the East Slovakia Gallery on Alžbeta Street and Hlavná Street in Košice on the occasion of the International Day of Museums and Galleries. 
First two hours were in the gallery space on 22 Alžbeta Street, renamed Gallery A22. Good known sculptor and multimedia artist Juraj Bartusz became “Godfather of the new gallery”. Bartusz is a pedagogue at the Faculty of Arts in Košice. The presentation of student works of this faculty directly hanging on the walls of exhibition halls launched a project of Gallery A22. From 9pm until 3 am in the early Sunday morning all spaces of the East Slovakia Gallery on Main Street belonged to visitors, who could watch, besides three current exhibitions, projections of many authors (TRAKT) as well, or listen to a concert by Chocolate Vanilla.
The unveiling of the work of Rado Repický was the other part of the evening. There was in the second niche within his project “Galleries of two”.