In the process, Prievidza

That project is an initiative set up in the framework of European programme, Youth in Action. The aim is those 2 weeks project is to bring together 45 young people aged from 18 to 25 years old and coming from Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia (TRAKT) and France. 
The exchange is about building a intercultural common space to explore and reveal our cultural, diversity, imagination, creativity and collective richness and share it with local population in Cantal (Riom es Montagnes) and Paris, using arts as intercultural tools. Therefore, we propose different artistic workshops which can be led by different countries according to their specialties and know-how: dance, new media (photo, video, graphics), theatre, music. Professional artists will be present during all the exchange to teach and guide participants in each field. The artistic workshops will be used to construct a diverse and dynamic fusion of the different cultures and artistic fields expressing cultural diversity and stories, which should take the final form of a urban performances (dance/new media/screening/theatre piece), in Cantal on the 16th of May to Riom-ès-Montagnes and 19th of May in Paris.
It is our wish that each participant should share and gain new skills and stage experience and develop mutual understanding and tolerance. We are looking to bring some benefit to participants and emphasise that the arts are a valuable way to achieve this. A lot of free, informal time and evening times are set aside for activities with the local population and local associations: parties, intercultural evening, games, walks, sports. This time can also be used for participants to propose and realise activities.