Night wanderings across Batovce

Preparation volunteer center
Videomapping in Gelnica

Theatre Pôtoň prepared for Saturday, July 18, 2015 an extraordinary outdoor cultural program. Intention of project Nočné potulky Bátovcami / Night wanderings across Batovce was to revive interesting old places in village Bátovce, the royal city with many historical and cultural monuments. The first stop of wandering , the former mansion Schneidriana, was revived by dance performances Debris Company with live music by Szilay & Pospiš & Harvan.

Followed by videomapping to the municipal office prepared by TRAKT – Pavol Soukal, accompanied by acting performances (Time Rošková, Ľubka Pradidová ). The main theme of videomapping was the municipal office as a witness of historical events. The third stop was screening in the former cinema Hiezda /Star. The program included light design of baroque bridge ( Tom Ciller ). The whole program was terminated in theater Pôtoň screening the film Slnko v sieti / The sun in net.