Theatre Poton

Pôtoň Theatre was founded in 2000. It intentionally works out of the capital of Slovakia, but it almost in its geographical center. Itself as a theater that favors their own texts, but does not prevent either the classic that brings in nontraditional interpretations. The core consists theater director Iveta Ditte Jurčová a dramaturg and writer Michal Ditte. Their joint staging brings together the sense of metaphor and poetry, while missing exaggeration, humor, exaggeration and caricature often. Makers will focus on finding interesting and controversial social issues, which prevent staging field research and collecting authentic material. Several productions were successfully presented at domestic and foreign festivals.

In addition to the formation of performances Theatre Pôtoň offers progressive forms of education of professional artists and audiences. Attractive and interactive way trying to students of secondary schools and universities to bring in art and theater. In addition to the education of the youth theater Pôtoň also preparing projects for experienced theater professionals through workshops on various topics (move, work with voice, writing). Intensive work in education has over the years led into founding of Centre for Art and Creativity, which Pôtoň theater works since 2008.