Preparation volunteer center

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Date: 23/07/2015 - 23/07/2015
Year: 2015
City: Trencin
Tags: discussion , volunteering , youth
KC Aktivity
Štefan Oliš

In Trenčín July 23, 2015 the first meeting about the establishment of volunteer centers for Trencin. Representatives of non-profit organizations, civic associations, urban institutions and representatives of the Trenčín Region have a meeting set targets and plan how to prepare the ground for the establishment of volunteer centers in the Trenčín. TRAKT there was a representative, the secretary of the association, Stefan Olis.

Volunteer centers in Slovakia should arise in addition to Trencin and in Trnava and Žilina. The aim will primarily coordinate volunteers, linking supply and demand of volunteering while motivating people to volunteering. The preparatory phase for the establishment of the center has taken Culture centre Activities, which aims to launch a center in cooperation with other organizations. The establishment of volunteer centers for TRAKT will entail in particular the huge personnel potential, which should streamline and develop the activities of the civic association.