2MF or two million future

Competition of Photography and Film 2013
Date: 13/06/2013 - 13/06/2013
Year: 2013
City: Trencin
Tags: discussion , volunteering , youth
Štefan Oliš

Consultation in case of Strategy of youth for the year 2014-2020 „2MB“ at the regional level took place under the Iuventa organization. The goal of this consultation was first of all to meet young active people and organizations, civic associations and representatives of informal groups working with youth and eneble discussion. Young people could explain their opinion for some main points: health, employment, integration of handicaps and socially weaker, culture, sport, education and another topics. The intention was to listen to the opinions of youth and mediate them to the responsible people.

Also it brought valuable knowledges and opinions, which should help with grant´s supports and another sources, too. The result of the meeting was very positive, many stimulous, suggestions were written down, and the thoughts of youth were formed into shape, which is possible to operate with on the level of ministries. Some points were more general and defined more or less the thought, but in some areas of interest very concrete situations were solved. As the example we mention the ambition of Ministry of education to include into education at primary schools the subject focused exclusively to nutrition. Participants brought new opinions, but it is possible to say, that all people reached agreement, that the subject with this content should not be required and forcibly injected into structure as independent subject. Of course there were many other problems and suggestions solved and discussed. The whole strategy is still in proces, that is why we will continue on participation in its creating.