Inter intra

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Interactivity in art and design

In the period 16 to 17 November 2014, held an informal conference of Inter Intra. Spaces Theatre Studio Theatre DRAK in Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic) served as a great place to “meeting” viacerích professionals, educators, theorists, and theater artists from the Czech Republic. TRAKT represented by Mgr. art. Lukas Matejka as the sole representative of the organization from Slovakia.
Main topics of the conference were interactivity, oscillation pedagogy and art, installations and experiential exhibitions, live art and its direct impact etc. Participants opened a mutual discussion several interesting areas that were often intertwined with positive and negative experiences. The result of the conference, the issues of interactivity. The Conference held its second sequel in Písek (Czech Republic).
The event organizationally prepared Václav Kinský, Tomas Zizka and Dominika Špalková in cooperation with Drak Theatre and the International Institute figural theater.