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Happy innovative project concept in audio Stefan Olis (TRAKT), Pavol Soukal (TRAKT) and Lukáš Matejka (TRAKT) takes place as a side event at the Mirror Hall of the former theater star in Trencin The event Night of theaters 2014. The workshop, which was supported under the grant Youth Action index of Trencin was from the beginning built on the creative experiment. Which was accomplished on the dot, and the experience is definitely a rewarding experience for the audience as well as for the organizers. While proved vital link between generations. An interesting and somewhat unexpected development has been the Spectator “base” consisting of children of school and pre-school age accompanied by their parents. This fact was also linking the project with the Night of theaters, many people linked the visit to both programs.

Workshop itself consisted of an interactive installation of fruits and vegetables that emit different sounds when you touch or move. Artists, head of the workshop, the children prepare for an amazing experience and they fully enjoyed it and played on unusual instruments, as long as I could. Play the pumpkin, carrots or hear the cry when slicing it does not happen every day. These options take too many parents who do care, but still, tried, krájali, tapped. Artists constantly experimented during the workshop, engage with the new objects, new sounds, and interlink equipment with water or drawing. An important part was the involvement of a small group of high school students who moved on this project, in particular the attempt to create a “concert” – meaningful melody or rhythm. Happy audio was really very cheerful event, which brought remarkable musical and creative experience.