Theatre Drak

Drak Theatre was founded in 1958 in Hradec Kralove in eastern Bohemia. His first term is associated with the author and director Jiří Wednesday and artist Francis Vitek. In the second stage, the creative team was expanded to include the director and dramaturge Jan Dvorak, director Miroslav Vildman, Paul Kalfus artist and musician and actor George Vyšohlíd. Production of “Tales from the trunk” has become the world UNIMA festival in the year. Sensation in 1966, which established the lasting popularity of Dragon yet both at home and abroad.

In 1971 he comes to Dragon young director Josef Krofta. Debuts productions “The Princess with the echo” / 1971 /. In the memorable expedition F. Vitek directed by the famous staging of “Eulenspiegel” / 1974 /. After the arrival of artist Peter Matásek arises in theater Drak legendary creative team consisting of Krofta – Matásek – Vyšohlíd. Thanks to their work, the theater Drak quickly becoming one of the most important puppetry scene both at home and in the international context. Productions such as “Sleeping Beauty,” “Cinderella,” “How Petrushka Got Married,” “Goldilocks,” “Circus Unikum today for the last time,” “Kalevala”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream” or “Pinocchio” fundamentally inspired by the world of puppetry and still mentioned and described in many professional essays.

In 1995 he comes to Dragon’s son Josef Krofta director Jakub Krofta and with it also the set designer Mark Zákostelecký. Their creative productions combine elements of both the puppet and the clown, visual or musical theater (“Everything is flying as a feather”, “Whoops! Kukla snapped!”). Dramaturgy also enrich titles for teens (“The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole,” “Alice in love”). At the same time there is a significant replacement file. In the same year it also becomes a dragon along with Klicperovým Theatre in Hradec Kralove co biggest theater festival in Central Europe, called Theatre of European Regions (European Regional Theatre).

In 2010, the Theatre Drak grows by Labyrinth, Lab and Studio. On the initiative of longtime director Jane Dražďákové invests town of Hradec Kralove an extensive reconstruction of the former Maria Theresa barracks, where they produce a unique exhibition space and variable theater hall for a hundred spectators.

In early 2010, the director of Dragon Theatre becomes Elizabeth Fink, along with programmer Dominika Špalková start another gradual transformation of the theater. In connection with the opening of the Labyrinth expand the activities of educational programs and workshops for both children and their teachers, the project Gaudeamus build long-term cooperation with the Prague Academy of Performing Arts etc. At the same time the theater after a prolonged period opens visiting directors and thus creating productions of “The Little Match Girl” (dir. Matija Solca), “U cannon stood” (dir. Tomas Dvorak), “The happiness and unhappiness” (dir. Ondrej Spišák) “Icarus” (dir. James Vasicek). By far the most successful, however, is staging “The last trick Georges Melies,” directed by Jiří Havelka (2013) which received many prestigious awards and be invited to festivals around the world.

In September of 2014 to Drake started a new permanent director and artistic director Jakub Vašíček.