Festival detí

Contest of photography and film 2016
Impregnated Town House
Date: 02/06/2016 - 04/06/2016
Year: 2016
City: Trencin
Tags: animation , children , discussion , exhibition , festivals , movie projection , talk , workshop coworking , youth
City Trenčín
Denis Matúš
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Lukáš Matejka
Marek Janičík
Pavol Soukal
Štefan Oliš
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Objektívom Hany K.

2nd to 4th June 2016, the first edition of the multi-genre Children’s Festival was held in Trenčín, whose central theme for this year became the film world. The supporting theme of the festival is to pay homage to Eduard Schreiber, who made the first Slovak film in the nearby town of Lednice Rovne 120 years ago. Viewers could enjoy cinematographic works through several film screenings at the Army House (ODA) and Artkine Metro. They have enjoyed internationally popular films such as Little Prince, as well as Slovak animated and short films designed for the child’s viewer. The Fest Anca International Animation Film Festival has also contributed to the program and presented the winners of the previous year at the Children’s Festival. Part of the festival was a film competition of young film-maker talents who fought for the Prize for Children’s Prize. These, but also other awards, were given by director Juraj Nvot before the projection of his fairytale Johanko’s secret to the young trenchman Adam Salat, whose film Loner Children was awarded the highest number of votes.

At the Children’s Festival, however, the children themselves were children. The enrolled pupils attended a grotesque film workshop. Celebratory premiere of the short film made All the photo was appreciated by our precious guest Juraj Nvota. In addition, the festival audience learned – who stands at the birth of the film – the film exhibition. Creators, but also through creative accompanying events or interactive installations in the Army House premises. Teachers and parents who were awaiting a festival seminar on internet threats could also be educated. The Children’s Festival also touches on the popular phenomenon of today – youtubers. During the talkshow of the famous moderator Pisto Vandal, he introduced the popular youtuber TJTN Matúš, but also the native of Trenčín Alžběta Harry Gavendová and from abroad the Czech gamer Jacob Gofelin.

On the third day of June 4, 2016, a large number of guests were introduced to the “Place of the former jam” in front of the House of the Army. The audience experienced Braňa Jóbus, Marinka Somarinka, Bratislava puppet theater, talented soldier Pavel Palca Seriša or For fun crew or Big Band Trenčín. The children also waited for various attractions, games and competitions. The children’s festival was prepared by TRAKT, the co-organizers of KC Activities, Rozumiemedeťom.sk and our sponsors and partners. More about the Children’s Festival can be found at www.festivaldeti.sk and on the festbook (facebook).