About videomapping on Radio Devin

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Once upon a time, there was a village
Devin Radio – broadcast name: FOKUS – the fine arts (moderator Omar Mirza ) February 19, 2014 presented contemporary visual artist Lukas Matejka (TRAKT), who talked about the art of videomapping. The record can be found HERE .
Contemporary visual art is incomprehensible to most people because they don’t know it and they have a lot of prejudice against it till finding the way of understanding. At school children learn to read and write, but they don’t learn how to perceive the art, that’s why it can be difficult to accept it and interpret it correctly. For contemporary art the subjective view related to personal preferences like: “I like – do not like ” is nowadays no longer sufficient.
There are new cycles and sessions focus on fine arts at Radio Devin. The moderator of these sessions Omar Mirza possessing light-hearted approach will introduce contemporary art, focusing in particular on the Slovak scene to the large radio audience. There will be current issues, trends and challenges addressed to explore the fundamentals of the fine arts and modern art schools and various institutions, non-traditional exhibition spaces, explain art trade, art galleries.