Competition of Photography and Film 2013

2MF or two million future
Musiques interdites
Photo contest and short filmmaking school students with instruction in Slovak abroad. Winners of this contest were invited to Banska Bystrica where children participate on workshops in the Central Gallery (obsura camera workshop and workshop pixelation ) and they went on a trip to Zvolen and Banska Štiavnica. The professional jury was composed from the members of Trakt as follows: Lukas Matejka a chairman of the jury, Matej Mazak, Stephen Olis and Katarina Vidova . All registered photographs and short films can be found here.
At the outset, we would like to note that the photographic and film work of all participating students were good. Interesting aspect that was popped up was the theme of nature and man highlighted almost on every photo. It is a special moment to see the results of children with nature. The global significance, one could say that the nature of competition was nature or the relationship between man and nature. The jury was surprised by the ability of young people to seek and find the details of the structure and interesting compositions. Take your camera or camcorder and look at the world through the eyes of a man for whom everything is new and undiscovered. Of all these images it is possible to form an idea of ​​the environment in which children live, on relations with it, but also relationships among themselves. Perception of children was very fascinating for the jury so even the children who travelled long distance from abroad looked like they are domestic, because their perception and ideas were very similar to resident ones.
We are delighted that this competition has become a creative and cultural engine in the development of their relationship and we believe that all the authors of this competition take with them valuable experience, which will be used in their next artistic creation.