OpenUp Bratsigovo

Preparation volunteer center
Date: 07/06/2015 - 20/06/2015
Year: 2015
City: Bratsigovo
Tags: theater , workshop coworking , youth
Miriama Kardošová
Matej Ivan
David Hanko
David Hutira
Tibor Nagy
Lucia Rescak Fabova
Lukas Rescak
Lubica Galajdová

In early June 2015, Miriam Kardošová (TRAKT), participated in the project OpenUP Bulgarian Bratsigovo. Along with her were members of Slovakian Matej Ivan, David Hanko, David Hutira, Tibor Nagy, Lucia Rescak Fabova, Lukas Rescak, Lubica Galajdová. The project took place in a small town surrounded by the Rhodope Mountains. During two weeks in the mountains, the artists and volunteers from four European countries tried to create compact concept last show for the general public. The basic idea was to create a theatrical performance set in an authentic area of ​​the city. Along this part of the work was directly aimed at graphic detail. This part of the umbrella group of mostly Slovak.

Project involving several European countries, namely France, Croatia and Bulgaria. Participants create final performance but the main center of town, a highly topical issue of migration and emigration. Alongside the exhibition was opened in the urban cultural center where the theater hall was a final musical and dance performances.