Workshop Happy audio – HALA

Press conference Light and shadow

Interactive workshop Happy audio II. She took place at a symposium HALL 2015 in Trencin. Former Cotton races they lived among other days 4 June 2015 via an interactive installation that consisted of the composition of fruits and vegetables that emit different sounds when you touch or move. Artists, workshop leaders prepare youth and children unusual amazing experience and you have to be able to fully enjoy and play in unusual musical instruments. Play the pumpkin, carrots or hear the cry from cutting does not happen every day. These options were “attraction” for the elderly, which, although cautiously, but still experiment with how this actually works. Artists during the workshop constantly experimented with new forms of installation and links to new sounds. Workshop offered the possibility of experimentation in the process was an attempt to create a meaningful melody or rhythm. Happy audio II. it is indeed a happy event that brought everyone who perhaps pause and extraordinary musical and artistic-cultural and playful experience.