Rec fruit – video maker competition

Ice surface was alive
Extrakt festival
Date: 08/03/2017 - 31/05/2017
Year: 2017

Tags: competition , creative industries , students , youth
Lukáš Matejka
Content Fruiter

RECfruit 2017 is a new ambitious project organized by content marketing agency ContentFruiter. The aim of the competition is to support newcomers in the field of video production and to open their way to the world. For participants this may be the start of their career. Prizes for winners and finalists are selected to support the developer’s ability to compete. There are few similar competitions in Slovakia. These are, however, mostly dedicated to professionals with many years of experience. Having the opportunity to show off their work as a jury, to get valuable valuation and move it further is an attractive option for every young promising video maker. The competition is designed for all new film-maker talents aged 15-26. How to do it? Creating and submitting a short video by May 23, 2017 in a length of 1 to 3 minutes on the topic of “How to Do It”.

The expert jury was formed by Mgr. art. Lukáš Matejka, ArtD. (TRAKT) – digital artist, Ján Pataky – cinematographer, producer, Jan Zelina – principal cinematographer, founder of production studio, Peter Buran – photographer, photographer.

We are proud to present the official results of RECFRUIT 2017. Despite the fact that it was the ninth year of the competition, the forces measured the original videos that really stood for it! We would also like to thank all the contestants who took their cameras, camera or mobile in their spare time, shot and cut beautiful shots and did not afraid to show them to the world. Great thanks to our competition partners, without which we could not win our winners with such valuable prizes.

We would also like to thank the jurors who have not made the decision at all, and we have asked them how to appreciate everyone. For this reason, we were unable to finish at the official three winning places and awarded another special prize and the Contentfruiter prize to another two of the contestants. Take a look at yourself. All contestants are young people aged 15-23. Fascinating!