Miriama Kardošová


After study of fashion design I have to started to work with painting. At this moment I am student of VSUP Prague, studio of Intermedia Art leading by doc. ak. mal. Jirí David.

Mostly I work with classic media. Painting is medium which is the closest to me. Even that I work with painting I use knowledge from the previous study. I use canvas and background as an individual element which create an important role and it is essential part of compoud. When I work with canvas or picture I use an experiment very often.

Pictures become part of all instalation. I use instalation as site-specific project. Details, light, location create part of story. All elements navigate watcher by my mind.

I have worked with performance last year. Actually is  medium which brings me new sight of instalation. I as an performer take position of human full of feelings and emotions. My body become means of comunication with watcher. However I use very limited contact. I use the human body and human housing stock as a whole as an element of expression predominantly. The main inspiration I find in myself. My images become as notes of what is happening in my mind and feelings.

In stories I use the contrast between man and woman make real unreal worlds, where both human beings live beside each other. I want to point that I do not react on differences between those two world only. I use them to crate deep tension. Gestures and situations may evoke multiple meanings. Women full of devotion and humility are in the position which can give an erotic expression to watcher, while gesture and situation in which everything is happening shows the gesture as a courageous act.

In my last work I have focused on selfportrait and personal topics. I have worked with my personal confession.

In my work I try to bring an atmosphere which points on something disturbing in the stories. The scenes are full of gnawing silence, which predict that something has to happen. However I do not show to watchers what it should be exactly. I show him only one frame and I wait where he will move the story himself. It is game between me and idvidual watcher.