In the process, Prievidza

Workshop projection mapping

There is a path that precedes the creation of a single art. Mostly, this process is called formation or creation process. It is an activity of artists, creators, reaching some goal. The result is an art as such, in any form or format. The process of creation is an integral part of the work. Despite of this fact the concept of this exhibition called “The process” aims to separate the process of creating of the output.
The reason for this separation is simple – to draw attention to process creation, the artist’s path to the goal. Artworks attention is attaching to automatically and continuously, the process of creation is often somewhere in the background, or is mediated only through a kind of story of the work. Therefore it draws attention primarily to control the outcome. Many times the way of creation of the art is as least fascinating as the work itself and in some cases it is even way more important than the work, the outcome itself. Visual artist love his work, his path, process of creation, drafting ideas. For the artist, the creating process is very important.
The concept of the exhibition focuses on the process of formation and attention refers to the process of creation. The exhibition was composed of photos, videos, objects, artifacts, notes. It is a form of documentation as appealing as some form. Selection is trying to take the viewer visually and content. Mostly, the documentation was remained in the background, unknown for the audience, remains forever only in the form of legends. Another aspect involved in the process is the rawness of the record. As the attention relates primarily to the result of the art, the creation process is being rarely documented. If yes, it is usually very authentic without any further effects interference and very authentic. 
The exhibition called “in process” offers a different perspective to the way of creating art and it tries to be separated from the authentic video performance record.
Exhibiting authors:
Zoltán Agócs, Lukas Matejka, Dasha Klapitová, Stephen Olis, Elizabeth Harry Gavendová, Samuel Ondrejka, Ondrej Vozárik, Marek Galbavý, Gabriela Zigová