Workshop projection mapping

Screening of best student videos
In the process, Prievidza

Mapping is a direction od visual art, which uses projection at free locations (fcades, interiers). The main sense of video mapping are projections, which cooperates with selected object and try to destroy the perception of perspective for audience. Thanks to projectors it is possible to curve and emphasize any shape, line or space. In this moment everything is becomming an illusion. It is exciting, quiet a new projective technique, which may turn almost any surface into dynamic video screen. For curving and masking of projected picture and for achieve his perfection at irregular shaped surface is used special softwere. The final conclusion is dynamic projection, which goes behind usual video projection.

Video mapping is a part of evolution of visual art indicating manifestation of visual art and technology to create an optical illusion using the game with light. As a conclusion, ordinary objects are changed into awesome magical creations. Artists can simply apply their majestics scetches to any 3D materials, for example buildings.

This workshop is focused on getting the knowledges and practical skills in visual art MAPPING. It is a new expression in area of the new technological culture. It is connected with visual and audio – visual art. The project should zoom and make understand the new technological culture with lector, who is a profesional in this sense at Slovak and Europenian scene. The workshop should create possibility of creative game for students of High school of art and public persons in the city of Trencin.

The greatest contribution of this project is increas of education at audio visual subjects for the students of mentioned school. The next step is to get into the case of presentation of audiovisual works. Important is also the communication via workshops with professional artist and people, who like to educate.

Workshop took place: 14 – 17. 5. 2013, 9:00 – 13:00

Place: High school of art, Trencin

Lector: Mgr. art Lukas Matejka (external padagogue at Faculty of fine arts, Academy od Arts Banska Bystrica)

Workshop is for free. The only condition for participants is to bring their own laptops.

The project was supported by: city of Trencin, High school of arts, TRAKT