City Galanta is located in Trnava self-governing region in the district of the same name and lies in the central part of southwestern Slovakia. The city is one of the cultural, administrative and economic centers of the Danube region. Galanta district is adjacent to Trnava, Hlohovec, Nitra, Komarno, Sala, Dunajska Streda and Senec. Galanta lies in the central part of southwestern Slovakia in the middle of the Danube Lowland. The area is characterized by very good climatic conditions, it belongs to the areas with the highest average air temperature in Slovakia. Galanta is surrounded by several larger and smaller watercourses – Váh, Malý Dunaj and Dudváh.

2. November 2019

… is not a matter of course?

Did you hear from the elders about the amazing atmosphere of keying in 89’s? Or have you been yanking yourself? In the work of Pavel Soukal […]