Festival of lights and shadow 2021

Weird Things Festival 2021
In a new light

The Festival of lights and shadow in the heart of Slovakia came into existence in 2015 on the occasion of the UN declaration of that year as the International Year of lights and light-based technologies. The aim of this step is to remind people across the world of what a significant role light and optical technologies play in the everyday life and in the future development of our society.

Our festival will bring an adaptation of a subject of MEMORY into the public space of the city of Banská Bystrica with the help of contemporary artists in December 2021. Many artists work with the subject of memory, often to record something for future generations. Others prefer to disrupt the memory in unexpected ways to change the methods by which we look at the past. How does the art influence our collective memory? And how can it inform our experience about significant events of our time?

We want to do art that tells stories. Stories about personal and cultural memory. Art is open to interpretation. Memory of the past is not a clear story. It is a combination of opinions from different points of view.

WHEN: 15. – 18. 12. 2021

WHERE: public space of Banská Bystrica

More information at: www.svetlo-tien.sk

Festival was funded by the Slovak Arts Council from public resources. Thank you.