Film workshop 2

Online Raster: Štefan Oliš and TRAKT citizens association

TRAKT citizens association has already organized a second workshop dedicated to film.

The students at the School of Applied Arts in Trenčín studied the ins and outs of short feature films. During 2 online meetings, they had a chance to get familiarized with literature and director preparation for a feature film. This part of the workshop was arranged by Martin Velič, a television screenwriter and a director who has worked on various film projects, in cooperation with Peter Bebjak, for example.

As decided by the organizers of the workshop, the whole lecture was shot and prepared in advance at the Fleck coworking premises in Trenčín. The lectures may be used as a study material for future students.

The theoretical part was followed by the practical part where the students created mood boards. With the help of this kind of visual presentation, they communicated their own author intent towards the production of their own audiovisual piece of work – Self-portrait.

After presenting their mood boards, they began shooting the scenes in their own environment so they could depict their personalities in the best way possible. “It was important that the participants analyzed their own personalities because it was them who were the main characters of their own artwork.” says Patrik Kubizna, the organizer of the workshop.

The shot scenes were consulted with the students from The Audiovisual Arts Studio of Tomas Bata University in Zlín after the first week of shooting. The university students consulted the high schoolers on the upcoming audiovisual artworks in 3 meetings during 2 weeks.

The final discussion took place on Tuesday, 15th of December, and Juraj Ondruš, Senior Video Editor in Bumerang film productions who was a part of it, gave feedback on the created artworks whose theme was a self-portrait. “The self-portraits were diverse, and their different forms of presentation caught my attention. Some of them would even succeed at admittance tests to universities specializing in film” says Juraj Ondruš praising the work of workshop participants.

The citizens association TRAKT has decided to present the participants´ artworks in their online gallery. “We are very happy that the students succeeded in creating interesting author artworks under difficult conditions caused by the coronavirus.”

The project was supported by the city of Trenčín, under the Youth (Mládež) grant program. Thank you.

Translation: Karin Mikossiová