Online Raster: Štefan Oliš and TRAKT citizens association

Networking : Dual : net – art 2.
Film workshop 2
Date: 05/10/2020 - 05/10/2020
Year: 2020

Tags: livestream , presentation , talk
Štefan Oliš
Malý Berlín
Roman Gajdoš

Under the patronage of RASTER, Malý Berlín (Little Berlin) hosts lectures dedicated to visual arts. Its lecturer is Roman Gajdoš, an artist and a teacher, who regularly invites guests. This time, it was ŠTEFAN OLIŠ from TRAKT citizens association who has accepted the invitation. As one of its founding members, he is going to talk about the TRAKT´s story, how they overcame the struggles; he will highlight their most interesting projects and will say a few words about the association´s philosophy and their plans for the future. This lecture was supported by Funds for Arts Support Slovakia from public resources.

Translation: Karin Mikossiová