Networking : Dual : net – art 2.

Film square 2020 in Trencin
Online Raster: Štefan Oliš and TRAKT citizens association

long-lasting networking and mapping of the artwork by young artists. The project puts an emphasis on minimalistic interactive environment specially created for spectators of the net-art gallery.

To be included in the network, the work of art must meet the condition of employing a text. The text serves as a password unlocking the next artwork/ author. To move to another artwork, spectators need to type out the text included in the artwork into the chosen window on the web. The author may employ the text in any manner without a restraint on the medium, however it must be readable for the visitor of this network. The text may become the main theme of the artwork but that does not mean it must be its only and main element. The author creates the text him/herself. The selection criteria:

  • quality of the artwork
  • the way the text is set in the context of the online space
  • complying with the technical conditions to fulfill the function of the project

The artworks of any genre and form (visual, audiovisual, audio, literary, painting, performance, choreography, recording, …) reacting to the particularities of the internet space or the current social issues or self-representation are welcome. The artworks created solely for the exhibition project as well as works of art of older date are welcome. The concept of the exhibition project is not otherwise limited by a theme.

You can visit the gallery on the following URL link:

The project is of an independent and non-commercial character.

DUAL was supported by the city of Trenčín under the Creative platform project. Thank you.

Translation: Karin Mikossiová